Video! Riggs Gets Tomato Faced At BKFC 24 Weigh Ins

Fight fans witnessed a combat rarity yesterday (Fri., Apr. 29, 2022) at BKFC 24’s ceremonial weigh ins when Lorenzo Hunt mashed an actual tomato in the face of MMA veteran Joe Riggs.

Hunt and Riggs will meet for the undisputed BKFC light heavyweight championship later tonight at BKFC 24 live on FITE TV from inside Pacific Steel and Recycling Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls, Montana. Despite their impending title fight the two light heavyweights couldn’t hold themselves back at the ceremonial faceoffs.

Hunt brought a tomato on stage with him as he whipped his glasses off and stepped forward for a staredown. He took a bite of the tomato as Riggs looked at him and murmured something under his breath. That’s when Hunt took the tomato and smashed it directly in Riggs’ face. Riggs exploded with fury and tried his best to push through security to get to Hunt, who thought the entire ordeal was hilarious.

We’ve seen some pretty insane altercations at weigh ins and faceoffs throughout the years in combat sports, but this was quite unique. Bringing a tomato on stage, casually eating it, and then mushing it through your opponent’s face is simply on another level. It also makes for a great pre-fight photo.

We’ll have to wait and see if Hunt can hit Riggs in the face with his bare knuckles later tonight at BKFC 24 and retain his light heavyweight title.

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