‘Bubbled Up Garbage Juice’

“It’s time to play the gaaaaaaaame!”

If you stand close enough to the cage, sooner or later you’re going to get splattered with blood, sweat, or saliva. That’s normal for an MMA fight or boxing match, where bodies are slammed together or sent flying by way of massive knockout punch.

What isn’t normal is to have a mouth full of “bubbled up garbage juice” as one BKFC fan so eloquently put it. And the Instagram video featuring Alan Belcher’s monster finish over Frank Tate last weekend in Jackson, Miss., has a lot of followers asking questions.

And some crying foul.

“Why’d he have so much spit stored up like that?”

“WTF was in his mouth, the ocean?”

“Coach forgot to give him the bucket to spit in.”

“That was staged.”

“BKFC fixed the fight and told him to put water in his mouth to make the KO look amazing.”

Other fans were sickened by the “nasty” knockout.

“The plan was to stay low and land the overhand right which knocked him out,” Belcher said after his 81-second finish over Tate. “I have knockout power and I’m the best bare-knuckle fighter in the world.”

Belcher is expected to challenge Arnold Adams for the BKFC heavyweight title later this year.

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